Wine Bar

How the name suggests, the products of the Wine Bar line have been specifically designed for bars, pubs, wine bars and small bistros. The taste and aroma of drinks, and wine in particular, owes much to the glass in which it is contained and praised, the cleanliness of the glass, which enhances the avor as well as the scent and color. The Wine Bar products line rely on expert technological research that helps maximize customer satisfaction, leaving to you only the pleasure of pouring.

The baskets supplied with the glasswashers of the Wine Bar line are one of the most innovative aspects of this product. In fact, they are equipped with special ventilation holes that convey the hot air recovered under the glasses at the end of the wash cycle. This guarantees perfect drying that, combined with reverse osmosis system, ensures shiny and streak-free glasses.

Besides this model also allows to wash the dishes with new baskets specifically designed to be more and more versatile. This way, you’ll also have shiny and perfectly dry dishes after each washing.

Thanks to the innovative Drying System (D.S.) with fan belt baskets and integrated Reverse Osmosis System (R.O.S.) capable of providing excellent water quality, the glass washer of the Wine Bar line ensures thorough cleaning and excellent drying. The line is equipped with the Steam Recovery System (S.R.S.), which completely eliminates the steam created during the wash cycle and rinse cycle, contributing significantly to raise the working environment health standards. Tank, cell and molded wash arms give the product outstanding hygiene and cleanliness.