Walo Professional is a leading company specialized in manufacturing and marketing of professional dishwashers and water treatment systems. The wide range of its products is well positioned in the international market also thanks to its advanced innovative production technology, as well as the energy-saving solutions applied in the manufacturing and business process.

Walo is a well-received brand on the market and is particularly recognized for its achievements in terms of reliability, eco-friendly approach and utmost attention to the market needs, the excellence of its customer service, and the high quality control of its products and processes. This enhaces a further investment in the sector on new products and technologies, including reverse osmosis, water softeners, decarbonators, dechlorinators, filters etc.
According to the trends and structure of international trade, WALO can head towards both the domestic sales and the foreign markets, now dealing with big dealers worldwide.

The tailored industrialization of the products and the accurate process control allow Walo to ensure high quality standards in pre and post sales, with immediate times of response.

Walo Professional is also equipped with a fully operative R&D Lab and production site, where designers and engineers can conceive, experiment and improve production lines with an increasing source of advanced technologies.
Fact-based and domestic production is based on the best quality Made in Italy standards.

Walo professional: Innovation and Technology to better serve you.