Walo Professional washing machines respond to the most specific market demands in terms of energy saving, construction quality and versatility. All models are made with attention to the smallest details to guarantee the best performances, ergonomics, cleanliness and the lowest consumption of their category.

Thanks to the Reverse Osmosis System (R.O.S.) the glasses are perfect without blemishes or stains due to water quality. Please note that the osmosis system is integrated in the machine, thus eliminating the problem of space in premises prevalently occupied by the furniture or rooms dedicated to other services. The integrated reverse osmosis system also allows a reduced consumption of detergent compared to common water treatment systems and drastically reduces the technical assistance, maintaining the heating elements always clean.

The Steam Recovery System (S.R.S.) allows the total elimination of steam at the end of the wash cycle keeps the workplace healthy and prevents the operator from continuously breathing the substances contained in the detergents. It also ensures the absence of fumes after opening. Our steam recovery system needs to be connected to the cold water and not to the hot water produced by external heat sources. The cold water sent into the condensing device allows the steam generated by the rinsing cycle to be absorbed and eliminated quickly. This exchange allows an average heat rise of about 16°C to be recovered from the mains water and sent directly to the boiler, with annual electricity savings of up to €82500.