Reverse Osmosis

The Walo Professional osmosis, used for water treatment, are able of altering the organoleptic and chemical characteristics as well as greatly reduce the salt content. The machines are specially designed to serve dishwashers and glass washers with break tank device and rinse booster pump or with a boiler fed with network pressure.
The osmosis has an independent electronically managed system of opening/closing of the permeate and concentrate.
This device allows to obtain a production of only permeate without discharge of concentrate. Once the permeate production is nished, the content of salts accumulated is expelled by opening the passage of the concentrate and closing the one of the permeate.
The above mentioned method has two advantages:

  • It greatly reduces inlet water flow.
  • Preserves deterioration of the membranes due to their washing at the end of each cycle.

in case of insufficient production of permeate water due to blockage or malfunction of the osmosis system, just press the By-Pass button on the dashboard and the dishwasher will be automatically loaded with water.
Particular attention has been dedicated to the Vessel, built of 304 stainless steel: inside there is a system that prevents the telescopic effect of the membrane due to the high pressures generated by its gradual blockage. The frontal compartment allows an extremly easy replacement of the membrane without removing the unit from its housing.

Each machine is equipped with a Filter capable of retaining any substances and impurities which can be harmful to the membranes.